Here's what you will help fund for another year:

  • 40 nights of Drop In Hockey
  • Support time with a professional counsellor
  • Community, connection and hope
You have helped us start the process of breaking generational cycles of poverty through equipping and supporting young dads. We have a lot of work to go, but you've helped us make huge strides in the right direction. Thank You.

And some quotes from the young dads:

My daughter saved my life. Before her, I was smoking, doing drugs, drinking daily. I didn't have a steady job and I was not in a good state of mind. The day my daughter was born, I quit smoking, drugs and partying. I also now have a career. My daughter saved my life and I am thankful.
Young Dad at Hockey Night
The love I feel for my kids is unlike anything I know. Little feet kick the hardest. I am thankful for the chance to better the next generation and start some healthy cycles.
Young Dad at Hockey Night
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